Chinese cuisines are always fascinating but seem difficult to prepare and cook. In fact, there are a lot of well-recognized cooking schools around Hong Kong. They offer a wide range of hands-on practical cooking classes on regular basis in either Chinese or English medium. After learning the cooking secrets, you can replicate the dishes and share them with your family at home easily.

Cooking School Website
Towngas Cooking Centre
Hong Kong Electric
Hong Kong Culinary Academy

Tai Chi is one of the most famous forms of Kung Fu in China. It is an ideal form of exercise and is perfect for relaxing and staying healthy in this bustling city. Four Seasons Hotel honours this ancient Chinese art with Victoria Harbour as the backdrop on your energizing mornings with their resident Tai Chi master.
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Wanting to go deeper into a unique culture? Perhaps picking up the local languages is one of the quickest ways. Many institutes in Hong Kong offer Cantonese and Putonghua courses in all proficiency levels, for both native and non-native speakers. To meet the needs of all learners, some of them also offer part time courses carefully designed to gear to the needs of working people.

Institutes Website
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Vocational Training Council
HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education